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Lakeside Environmental has expertise in the services listed here, which enable clients to efficiently achieve their project goals.

Critical Dune & High Risk Erosion Areas

In Michigan, Critical Dune & High Risk Erosion areas are specific to the Great Lakes shoreline. Projects within these areas typically require permitting from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE).

Our extensive experience with these regulations allow us to provide clients with initial awareness of the restrictions of their site as they begin planning their project. Once a project goal has been determined, Lakeside Environmental provides clients with full permit process management to encourage efficiency and simplicity.


Most wetlands are subject to regulation through various local, state, and federal agencies. Wetlands vary widely, and are not often easily identifiable. Lakeside Environmental provides clients with accurate assessments regarding if wetlands are present, where wetlands are present, and whether or not wetlands are regulated. This information is critical when looking to develop a property.

Lakeside Environmental can also assist you through the permitting process for unavoidable wetland impacts. Depending on the situation, regulatory agencies may require wetland mitigation to compensate for wetland functions lost from a wetland impact. Lakeside Environmental provides assistance through this entire process to ensure it is seamless.

Lakes & Streams

Whether your project proposes activity in or near a Great Lake, inland lake, large river, or small creek, permits are likely required. If your goal is a new dock, shoreline protection, dredging, boat hoists, marinas, swim areas, or any other activity, Lakeside Environmental can help. From preparation of conceptual permit plans to permit issuance, we turn client goals into permitted activities. 


Habitat Assessment - Threatened & Endangered Species

Lakeside Environmental can evaluate your site for State and/or Federally threatened or endangered species habitats, which can affect a project's scope and timeline

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